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Homework/Urgent Actions!

This section now contains both the current "HOMEWORK", "EXTRA CREDIT" assignments and "URGENT ACTIONS" that we want to bring to your attention. After you complete your Homework, please scroll down to the Urgent Action section below, for this information!


Last week I asked if you are on a Community Board. If yes, please complete this link. If you are NOT, please disregard.

Click Here


Last week I asked if you are on a Community Board. If yes, please complete this link. If you are NOT, please disregard.

Click Here


IF YOU ARE IN THE 5 BOROS: Click here to sign up for Council Group Emails.

If you previously signed up, you don't need to do it again. If you haven't sign up asap!


 Please share these links!



Call The Council members below and click this email every day. We will update it as more sign-on.

Politely, inform their offices, how to judge granted us a preliminary injunction based on the evidence we submitted in our brief, as well as the hundreds of affidavits that Retirees would be irreparably harmed if they were forced into a Medicare Advantage plan.

Advised them that even the Aetna attorney admitted that some of our doctors might not accept their plan And that our healthcare might be denied or we won’t have access to a Hospital. The Aetna Attorney with such hubris, minimized the fact that our attorney mentioned “only“ one death from their prior authorization. The judge said that was one too many.

If they tell you they are waiting for the Court decision, advise them they will be seen as trying to support something they should have at the beginning, at the end. When it could be too late. It also looks bad that they want retirees to finance their own protection, when the Council could easily provide the same protection with legislation. The Judge determined the Admin Code in his opinion means the City must provide us with a Medigap, but clearly the City disagrees. Codify it in statute so the Mayor stops playing games with our lives.

Ask them to sign onto Councilman Barron’s intro 1099. Tell them we will be having a rally outside City Hall on Thursday before the stated meeting where they are welcome to come and announce they are signing onto our legislation.

The Bill in in the Civil Service & Labor Committee If there is an asterisk next to a CM, they are on that Committee.


When your emails and social media posts are done, start to call!

Carlina Rivera 212-788-7366

Keith Powers 212-788-7393

Julie Menin 212-788-6865 **

Gale A. Brewer 212-788-6975

Shawn Abreu 212-788-7007

Diana Ayala 212-788-6960

Carmen De La Rosa 212-788-7053 **

Eric Dinowitz 212-788-7080 **

Kevin C. Riley 212-788-6873

Marjorie Velazquez 212-788-7375

Pierina Ana Sanchez 212-788-7074

Oswald Feliz 212-788-6966 **

Althea Stevens 212-788-6856

Rafael Salamanca, Jr. 212-788-7384

Amanda Farias 212-788-6853

Sandra Ung 718-888-8747

Francisco P. Moya 212-788-6862 **

Tiffany Caban 212-788-6963 **

James F. Gennaro 212-788-6956

Julie Won 212-788-7370

Nantasha M. Williams 212-788-7084

Adrienne Adams 212-788-6850

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers 212-788-7216

Lincoln Restler 212-788-7348

Jennifer Gutierrez 212-788-7095

Crystal Hudson 212-788-7081

Chi Osse 212-788-7354

Sandy Nurse 212-788-7284 **

Rita Joseph 212-788-7352 **

Darlene Mealy 212-788-7387

Justin Brannan 212-788-7363

Kalman Yeger 212-788-7357

Farah N. Louis 212-788-6859

Mercedes Narcisse 212-788-7286

Kamillah Hanks 212-788-6972 **

David Carr 212-788-7159

Joseph C. Borelli 212-788-6989


Please Sign onto CM Barron's Intro 1099

We need to get 34 councilmembers onto our legislation

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Urgent Actions!

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