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Archived Announcements

Please Note: All Court Filings can be found on the Court Website in the Announcements below:
                       Appellate - #58, #54, #53, #52, #51, #46, #44, #43, #42, #60, #61, #62
                       Supreme Court - #55, # 39, #33, #32, #30, #28, #26, #25, #17, #6, #4, #3, #2

                       New Case (5/31/2023) - Supreme Court - #63


#63 - 05/31/2023

Our Attorney's motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction filed in New York County Supreme Court. You can find details at the link below:

View the Documents


#62 - 05/26/2023

Read the Press Release about our win in Appellate Court of our $15.00 Co-Pay Lawsuit. You can find details at the link below:

Read the Press Release

#61 - 04/11/2023

EmblemHealth submitted this reply in further support of their appeal from the Decision and Order by Supreme Court. You can find it at the link below:

View Document

#60 - 03/29/2023

Our Attorneys have filed their Brief with The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in Emblem's Appeal of the injunction on the co -pays, scheduled for the May session. You can find it at the link below:

View Document

#59 - 03/03/2023 

AETNA Agreement documents:

1. AETNA Medicare Advantage Agreement Summary

2. Sr Care VS AETNA

3. Sr Care RX Rider VS Medicare RX Rider

#58 - 02/03/2023 

There are two new filings in the court docs. One is our opponents appeal argument re the injunction and the other is a filing by our Attorneys in the co-pay case. 

Read the Co-Pay Filing Here!

Read the Appeal Issue Here!

#57 - 01/19/2023 

Thank You City Council Video






#56 - 01/11/2023  (Updated 2/18/2023)

Judge grants preliminary injunction on co pays.  This applies to all Co Pays incurred on or after January 12th, 2023 in GHI Senior Care Medical only. Bring the preliminary injunction copy with you just in case the doctor asks for it.

Read the Court Filing Here!

#55 - 12/31/2022 


Please reserve on your calendar the FOLLOWING dates: January 4, 9, 10, 19th. YOU MAY BE ASKED TO CONVENE AT CITY HALL ON EVERY ONE OF THOSE DATES. We will update you next week.

This is the list of Council Members. Make sure you send emails to CM Carmen DeLa Rosa and Speaker Adrienne Adams when you email all the others!

If you are on Twitter or Instagram find us and share our message. @NYCRETIREES

Next week we will advise you the next steps. SHARE THIS MESSAGE!


#54 - 12/21/2022 

As requested by the Judge, the City's response to our request for a TRO in our Co-Pay case (#s 48 - 51)
Read the Court Filings Here!

#53 - 12/15/2022 

The Co-Pay Lawsuit - Order to Show Cause and other associated Court Filings (#s 40 - 45)
Read the Court Filings Here!


#52 - 11/29/2022 

The Co-Pay Lawsuit! This is what your Legal Fund Donations Go To! 
Read the Court Filing Here!


#51 - 11/22/2022 

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Read All About it.
Read the Court Decision of our Appeal Victory Here!


The NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees is proud to announce the First District Appellate Court unanimously agreed with the Supreme Court in its finding that the City MUST pay for the full cost of health insurance up to the benchmark of the HIP HMO rate for every employee, retiree and their dependents.  

Today, justice prevails in a true David vs Goliath story.  The City tried to take away an earned and paid for benefit NYC Municipal Retirees have had since 1967.  The City and the MLC are trying everything from back door deals, threatening the City Council and having an "impartial" arbitrator offer his opinion that all plans be elimnated because they claim there are no other options to save money. There are other options, they just don’t want them.   It is easier for them to force senior citizens and the disabled, who loyally served this City and who were promised and earned their health benefits, into a managed medicare advantage plan so the money the City would have spent on us, would be given to the MLC.  We were sold off for their own benefit in their current collective bargaining. 

They never expected retirees to organize and fight back.  They called us “rumps” and “a small but vocal group”, when in fact we are over 50,000 strong and growing!  The fight continues as we are sure the City and MLC will try any tactic to further take away our benefits. We trust the current City Council will do as other City Councils have before them and protect retirees, once again, but we MUST continue to contact them.  This attack on our most vulnerable population must end.  Senior citizens and 9/11 responders are not for sale. We thank the Appellate Court for affirming Judge Frank's decision.

#50 - 11/07/2022 (from 9/21/2022)

These are the Unions who voted YES, to modify the law that we won our case on to get around the Judge's decision, that will impact ALL employees and retirees if passed bringing added costs and premiums into our lives. Please contact them and let them know how you feel about this.

Be polite no threats or acts of violence. Be professional. Just let them know there are other ways to fund the stabilization fund, and it would help if it wasn't used for purposes not intended.

These are the 11 BRAVE Unions who voted NO, against the lies of the MLC, to safeguard Admin code 12-126. Out of 103 unions, 11 voted no! 48 voted yes, 4 abstained and 40 were NO SHOW.

These brave 11, contact them and say THANK YOU! And ask that they further support protecting the benefits of active workers and retirees and stand with us at the City council when they schedule the hearing. Ask them to commit to us they will stand with us!

Power in numbers! In solidarity!!!

#49 - 10/28/2022
New Documents:

1. UFT BS October 7

2. Debunking DC37 Admin Code FAQ

Decoding the MLC's 'Healthcare Matters' Statements


#48 - 10/21/2022
New Documents:

1. Fact Checking Mulgrew

2. 1992 MLC-Agreement Relating to Procurement of Employee Health Care Benefits


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