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As a part of this new series "Faces of Retirees", individual stories are periodically highlighted

We want you to meet a few retirees that this plan is going to impact financially. We want you to hear their voices and see their faces. 

Their stories are the hardest to hear knowing what the city is trying to do. How do you explain to 80 and 90 year olds on fixed incomes and the most vulnerable, that they will now be forced to pay ~$200-~$400 a month plus an additional amount for their prescriptions? This is unprecedented for NYC municipal retirees.

This Is What We Are All Fighting For  

Sexy Sally

An interview with Sexy Sally

Gene Iannuzzi

Gene and his wife are being confronted with high co pays due to some severe health issues.

Karen Miller

Senior Living contract bars retirees from using Medicare Advantage

Retired FF Robert Bentkowski

Struggles with the NYC Medicare Advantage Plan and Kidney Transplant

Lou & Ed Retired NYPD SBA

NYC OLR's failure to communicate Causes Frustration and Concern

Carole & Lou Scagnelli, NYPD Retiree

"Retirement was Groovy until the Unions took Our Health Plans"

Harry Barclay, NYPD Retiree

You saw his posts here, now hear his story. This man served the City just like you and me. Now in retirement, he should NEVER have been put in this situation by his former union or the MLC, or NYC.

William & Susan Shenton


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