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Our organization was created as a non-profit. While we have won our first round of court battles, the war still "rages on". We can only fight this current Medicare Advantage debacle through donations such as yours

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1.   Zelle:  (Go to Your "On-Line" Banking Website)
      Locate the ZELLE service & use our email:
     Check with your Bank to understand how ZELLE works. It's usually a service on their website.

     When you locate and fill out the form and you are asked for the email or phone 
     number, use the email address, above. Make sure it's correct! No phone number is required. The next
     time you use Zelle, the email should pop into that field.  You can check your bank account to make
     sure the transaction went through. It's Quick & Easy

2.   Make Your Check or Money Order payable to * Note New Mailing Address

        NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees
        c/o JSH Accounting Services, LLC
        PO Box 143538
        Fayetteville, GA 30214

        For your convenience, you can set-up AutoPay with your banking institution so that you can
        determine an amount and date to have funds automatically transferred

3.   PayPal (Click to link to their Secure Site, a PayPal Account is not required.  The organization is
     charged a fee

4.   We Now Accept Donations via VENMO (The Organization is charged a fee.  Also, choose

VENMO is a Phone App or can be used on a PC or Tablet.
You can download and install the Phone App from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. Please follow the instructions to Sign Up. Please read and understand how VENMO works before you donate! There may be fees involved using this method.

Our ID is: @NYCRetirees2
Here is a quick Tutorial:



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