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Download the "Latest" Rally Video Messages (10/12/2022 - See Below)

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Granny Retiree



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Select an Image, Share & Post 

Please Download and Share these Flyers with Retirees and Active Employees!

Who said retirees were too old to play Games?


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Consequences of Changing 12-126 Rev (11/02)

Sample Letter to Actives Rev (11/03)

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Other Flyers

Due to the nature of how Facebook Groups work you are unable to copy, save or share certain graphic images. As a work around to that we have created this page where you can download and share any of our Ads, Flyers and Animated GIFs...You can even view some of our Morale Raising videos and share the link to this site with your friends who may not be on FB.

If there is something on our Facebook page that you might like to be shareable, please let us know and we will try to include it here.

Here are easy instructions so you can do it from a:


PC: Right Click on an Image. A window will pop up. Select "Save Image As"

MAC: Right Click on an Image. A window will pop up. Select "Save Image As"

Android: Tap Image to open in another Window. Hold Your Finger down on the Image and a Window will pop-up. Select "Save to Phone"

iPhone: Hold your finger down on the image. Select "Save Photo" It will save to Photos.

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