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Unions have always protected their retirees. We worked hard, accepted lower wages than our private counterparts, accepted 0% wage increases many times in order to maintain our benefits. Many of your unions told you there were no givebacks in this last round of bargaining, but they didn't tell you, we were the give back. Below, you will see the CBAs, and the provisions... if the savings on our backs are not realized, the unions may have to pay some of their incentive back.

We hope you will ask your Unions why they sold us out, and had you ratify the collective bargaining agreements.

2014 UFT Contract  New!

You can find Collective Bargaining Agreements here.

** Sanitation MOA - See #11 

** EMS MOA See #12

** UFT MOA See #5 

Do you know what the Health Savings Agreements are?

2014 MLC/OLR Agreement

2018 MLC/OLR Agreement


We invite you to see our new series Faces of Retirees, we want you to meet a few retirees that this plan is going to impact financially. We want you to hear their voices and see their faces. Because One Day This Will Be You! "NYC Unions Negotiated Away Retiree Health Benefits"

Please return to the Active Employees page to watch the series of videos explaining how this happened.


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