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Important Health Care Related Information for both Retirees and Active NYC employees...Healthcare benefits should NEVER be reduced.  You will only need them more when you are older. Medicare Advantage is a DIMINISHMENT, learn why!

Video - Health Care Facts They Don't Want You to Know!  Why Medicare Advantage is NOT Medicare, and NOT an advantage. Learn the difference.

Active Employees

This section is specifically for you, the in-service worker!
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- Did You take your City job for the Retirement and Health Benefits? We Did!
- Do You know that You are losing your future Health Benefits and You don't even realize it!?

We were just like you, loyal union members in the City of New York. Many of us have been retired for 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years already. We were made certain promises and had collective-bargaining agreements just like you do. Our agreements stated that the insurance we had in employment would continue into retirement until our death. As retirees, we are also entitled to Medicare B reimbursement. These are all benefits our unions fought for during our tenure.

Sadly, it seems some 
union leaders' position, which used to be one of protecting its workers, is to now make side deals.  Some Union leaders have been systematically selling out every New York City retiree. And they used you to do it. You ratified your recent contracts incorporating a 2014 and 2018 agreement by the MLC into your contracts that permitted your union presidents to vote on an agreement to strip away the healthcare from every city retiree as we knew it, in order to benefit the active workers, and the money that went to our health insurance now goes to fund your raises and fill budget shortfalls.

You currently have a wide variety of insurance options as an employee. And so did we as retirees. But your unions took all that away. Now they are trying to force us into one new inferior managed care plan. They tried to force us to pay a penalty premium if we wanted to stay in the plan we currently have and we had to sue to stop them. As retirees, we no longer have union representation. No union is legally able to represent us. If our unions can sell off our benefits for your raise today, do you think it won't happen to you tomorrow? It is why the benefits we had at the time of our retirement is what we get to keep. We can no longer vote on contracts, and we can’t vote on your union officers (UFT retirees have a limited weighted vote of Officers).

You may be told that retirees are the reason you may lose benefits. That could not be further from the truth. Under city law, they have to provide us health coverage to the same cost.  The Municipal Labor Committee, under the leadership of Michael Mulgrew, Henry Garrido and Harry Nespoli, allowed retirees to be forced into managed health care and forced off the Federal Public Health benefit, Medicare.  Right now, they are renegotiating YOUR plan and trying to push you into ONE plan. 



Click here to see how our Health Program developed when Medicare became available.  

We hope you will ask your Unions why they sold us out and had you ratify the collective bargaining agreements that put us in this situation.

You can find Collective Bargaining and Health Savings Agreements here.

Posted 11/28/2023 UFT RTC Meeting Audio Clips

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