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E-Mail a City Council Member

Urge your City Council Member to Act on the Medicare Injustice Today!
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Dear City Council Member,

The proposed changes to health insurance for Medicare eligible municipal retirees are unconscionable and need to be stopped. Retirees should continue to be afforded a choice of plans, within the cost parameters of Administrative Code 12-126, including traditional Medicare with supplemental. The City is threatening to remove all options in order to force retirees into an inferior plan which gives up the right to traditional Medicare.

 The threat to force a change to Administrative Code 12-126 also needs to be stopped. The rules are being changed at the end of the game.  After working decades with the understanding that health insurance would be the least of our worries as we age, we are now being forced to face tremendous uncertainty.

Please, do the right thing by retirees and encourage the City to do the same: do not allow a change to Administrative Code 12-126 and encourage the administration to stand by its responsibilities.   We also ask that you impose strict parameters on how the Health Insurance Stabilization Fund and Retiree Health Benefit Trust can be used.



City Council E-Mail Addresses:





Staten Island:;;;

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