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On August 13th, 2021, a group of retirees from many different city agencies got together to form an organization to fight the impending changes to our healthcare. Two and half hours later, five people volunteered to form the Board and one became an advisor to the Board. In the next few weeks, we grew to five officers, four Trustees, five Advisors, started our Facebook group, filed for NYS incorporation, opened our PayPal fundraising account and were approved by the State to conduct business.


Six weeks later we met our initial fundraising goal to pay the attorney's retainer and had filed our article 78 petition. Our Facebook page has over 28,000 members and we have an email list of almost 15,000 and both continue to grow.  This is a major accomplishment! But we need to grow larger. We need to reach 250,000 retirees!

Please Join Us!

We have a Facebook page you can join by clicking on the link Facebook, please answer all the questions. If you are not on Facebook, you can click here Subscribe to sign up for our newsletters. In order to fund the organization and legal bills, your contributions are needed. All the officers are volunteers, no one gets paid. Please donate to our organization. While we are currently incorporated as a non-profit in the State of NY, our Federal filing is pending. So, your Donations are not tax deductible.

Retirees should not have to worry about their benefits in retirement. We earned these during the decades we gave back, took a 0% in collective bargaining, or paid it back with a give back. We should be able to enjoy our retirement because we earned it. For our former unions and the City of NY to strip benefits away from us, automatically enroll us in a private Medicare plan, violate the contracts that were in place when we left, is a disgrace. Fight back. Together, let our voices be heard!

Our Email Addresses are:


Board Members, Trustees and Advisors

President: Marianne Pizzitola FDNY EMS Local 2507
Vice President: Ralph Francisco FDNY EMS Local 3621
Secretary: Michelle Robbins FDNY EMS Local 3621
Treasurer: Carol Whitton (
Trustee: Ken Dolan FDNY UFOA
Trustee: John Gilleeny FDNY UFA
Advisor: Lee Reeves NYPD SBA
Advisor: Michael Antwerp UFT, PTPM Facebook Group
Advisor: James Kerr HHC
Advisor: John Lewis DC 37 Retirees/Florida
Advisor: John Murphy NYCERS
Advisor: Len Rodberg CUNY PSC
Webmaster: Joe Mizrahi DOH

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