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#71 - 07/22/2023

Our Bill, introduced by Councilmember Charles Barron
Intro 1099

#70 - 07/07/2023

Read "All the News That's Fit To Print" to herald our T-R-O Court Win!
Read the T-R-O Court Order Decision from the Judge

#69 - 07/04/2023   (Hold Off - No Need to Currently Do This!)

Watch the Video "How to Stay in Traditional Medicare WAIVE City Benefits".
You can find the video and download the form at the links below:

Watch the Video

Download the Form

#68 - 06/23/2023

NYC Org of Public Service Response, Memorandum of Law in Reply, Document 92.
You can find details at the link below:

View the Documents

#67 - 06/23/2023

A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to protecting the health care choice of retired employees of the city of New York. You can find details at the link below:

View the Bill and it's  Sponsors

#66 - 06/21/2023 (Outdated/Removed 07/04/23)

#65 - 06/18/2023

Yesterday, the Manhattan Supreme Court, by mutual agreement of the parties (us, the City, and the Court) agreed to extend the deadline to "opt-out / Waive Your Benefit" deadline of June 30th, to July 10th. The Judge assured us he would schedule a hearing the week of July 4th and make a decision on the Restraining Order (Preliminary Injunction) and hopes to have a decision by July 10th. 

So you can wait until you hear from us the week of July 4th but be ready to implement your choice just in case we are not granted the restraining order. 

Aetna and the Labor Committee (MLC) made motions to intervene in our case.  Sure they want to!   They have a financial interest!   We will wait and see what the Court decides.  The last time he refused them but gave them amici (friend of the court) status and they took the side of the City of course. 

Watch the Friday Night Video



#64 - 06/14/2023

Greetings Retirees!   

We are happy to announce legislation will be introduced on THURSDAY, June 22nd by Councilman Barron which requires the City to offer a Medigap plan!   The legislation has two co-sponsors so far, CM Lynn Schulman and CM Inna Vernikov.


The Retirees are very thankful for this support!  We hear others are joining us, so please keep calling them and advise them to sign on!

Please join us!   It will be a long day!  We are hoping to have a few chairs for you, but if you want to bring a collapsible seat, or a cane with a seat, check out Amazon.

The Meeting, if it starts on time, commences at 1:30 PM.  Last time, the meeting did not start timely and did not end until 5 pm.   Come prepared to spend the day together!

#63 - 05/31/2023

Our Attorney's motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction filed in New York County Supreme Court. You can find details at the link below:

View the Documents


#62 - 05/26/2023

Read the Press Release about our win in Appellate Court of our $15.00 Co-Pay Lawsuit. You can find details at the link below:

Read the Press Release

#61 - 04/11/2023

EmblemHealth submitted this reply in further support of their appeal from the Decision and Order by Supreme Court. You can find it at the link below:

View Document

#60 - 03/29/2023

Our Attorneys have filed their Brief with The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in Emblem's Appeal of the injunction on the co -pays, scheduled for the May session. You can find it at the link below:

View Document

#59 - 03/03/2023 

AETNA Agreement documents:

1. AETNA Medicare Advantage Agreement Summary

2. Sr Care VS AETNA

3. Sr Care RX Rider VS Medicare RX Rider

#58 - 02/03/2023 

There are two new filings in the court docs. One is our opponents appeal argument re the injunction and the other is a filing by our Attorneys in the co-pay case. 

Read the Co-Pay Filing Here!

Read the Appeal Issue Here!

#57 - 01/19/2023 

Thank You City Council Video






#56 - 01/11/2023  (Updated 2/18/2023)

Judge grants preliminary injunction on co pays.  This applies to all Co Pays incurred on or after January 12th, 2023 in GHI Senior Care Medical only. Bring the preliminary injunction copy with you just in case the doctor asks for it.

Read the Court Filing Here!

#55 - 12/31/2022 


Please reserve on your calendar the FOLLOWING dates: January 4, 9, 10, 19th. YOU MAY BE ASKED TO CONVENE AT CITY HALL ON EVERY ONE OF THOSE DATES. We will update you next week.

This is the list of Council Members. Make sure you send emails to CM Carmen DeLa Rosa and Speaker Adrienne Adams when you email all the others!

If you are on Twitter or Instagram find us and share our message. @NYCRETIREES

Next week we will advise you the next steps. SHARE THIS MESSAGE!

#54 - 12/21/2022 

As requested by the Judge, the City's response to our request for a TRO in our Co-Pay case (#s 48 - 51)
Read the Court Filings Here!

#53 - 12/15/2022 

The Co-Pay Lawsuit - Order to Show Cause and other associated Court Filings (#s 40 - 45)
Read the Court Filings Here!


#52 - 11/29/2022 

The Co-Pay Lawsuit! This is what your Legal Fund Donations Go To! 
Read the Court Filing Here!

#51 - 11/22/2022 

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Read All About it.
Read the Court Decision of our Appeal Victory Here!

The NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees is proud to announce the First District Appellate Court unanimously agreed with the Supreme Court in its finding that the City MUST pay for the full cost of health insurance up to the benchmark of the HIP HMO rate for every employee, retiree and their dependents.  

Today, justice prevails in a true David vs Goliath story.  The City tried to take away an earned and paid for benefit NYC Municipal Retirees have had since 1967.  The City and the MLC are trying everything from back door deals, threatening the City Council and having an "impartial" arbitrator offer his opinion that all plans be elimnated because they claim there are no other options to save money. There are other options, they just don’t want them.   It is easier for them to force senior citizens and the disabled, who loyally served this City and who were promised and earned their health benefits, into a managed medicare advantage plan so the money the City would have spent on us, would be given to the MLC.  We were sold off for their own benefit in their current collective bargaining. 

They never expected retirees to organize and fight back.  They called us “rumps” and “a small but vocal group”, when in fact we are over 50,000 strong and growing!  The fight continues as we are sure the City and MLC will try any tactic to further take away our benefits. We trust the current City Council will do as other City Councils have before them and protect retirees, once again, but we MUST continue to contact them.  This attack on our most vulnerable population must end.  Senior citizens and 9/11 responders are not for sale. We thank the Appellate Court for affirming Judge Frank's decision.

#50 - 11/07/2022 (from 9/21/2022)

These are the Unions who voted YES, to modify the law that we won our case on to get around the Judge's decision, that will impact ALL employees and retirees if passed bringing added costs and premiums into our lives. Please contact them and let them know how you feel about this.

Be polite no threats or acts of violence. Be professional. Just let them know there are other ways to fund the stabilization fund, and it would help if it wasn't used for purposes not intended.

These are the 11 BRAVE Unions who voted NO, against the lies of the MLC, to safeguard Admin code 12-126. Out of 103 unions, 11 voted no! 48 voted yes, 4 abstained and 40 were NO SHOW.

These brave 11, contact them and say THANK YOU! And ask that they further support protecting the benefits of active workers and retirees and stand with us at the City council when they schedule the hearing. Ask them to commit to us they will stand with us!

Power in numbers! In solidarity!!!

#49 - 10/28/2022
New Documents:

1. UFT BS October 7

2. Debunking DC37 Admin Code FAQ

3. Decoding the MLC's 'Healthcare Matters' Statements


#48 - 10/21/2022
New Documents:

1. Fact Checking Mulgrew

2. 1992 MLC-Agreement Relating to Procurement of Employee Health Care Benefits

#47 - 10/13/2022Rally to Protect Admin Code 12-126 City Hall, 10/12/2022
Yesterday's Rally Video is now available for viewing!

Watch the Rally Video

#46 - 09/08/2022
Legal Update: Our Attorney's Response to the City's Appeal

Our Attorney's reply to the City's appeal was filed yesterday (read the filing below). It makes for some interesting reading with your morning coffee or afternoon cocktail and again, is more evidence of what your contributions go to. It was posted to the court website last evening. For those of you that did not see it when posted by one of our attentive members (thanks Tom). 

We have seen a few questions regarding the co-pay issues and the appeal. As we were forced to drop our cross appeal understand that that issue may not be addressed by the Appellate division in this decision. That does not mean it is off the table or forgotten. It simply means, that as Marrianne has stated many times, this is not going to be a short battle. It will be addressed in the court. The legal system moves at a snail's pace and we have no other choice but to be patient. I would like to remind you that we cannot have discussions of the legal strategy on the page for obvious reasons that have been explained numerous times in the past. The City's response to this is due on 9/16/22 and oral arguments in October (no set date yet). Have a fabulous day and enjoy your reading.

Oh, and keep the faith, we may not have the might, but we have the right.

Read the Filing


#45 - 09/02/2022
Response to UFT's E-Mail

Read Marianne's response to Vincent Gaglione and Michael Mulgrew's UFT E-mail.
    "One year after we began looking into why retirees were being forced into a health plan against their
      wishes, and well-being, and facing new co-pays also implemented by the MLC and City, you finally
      admit that what we have been saying is true...

Read the Letter

#44 - 08/19/2022
Legal Update

Our Attorneys have entered an additional filing with the court re the adjournment request-- You can find it at the link below - By way of explanation - our request was turned down previously but was forwarded to a panel of judges for reconsideration - so right now we are still on the original schedule but the request is sitting with that panel for reconsideration (kind of like an appeal of the request) the case will not be delayed unless that panel approves a delay.

Read the Filing

#43 - 08/16/2022
Legal Update

The City has filed a response on our petition for legal fees.

Read the Filing

#42 - 08/11/2022
Legal Update

Our Attorneys have filed a request with the Appeals Division to extend the deadlines for submission of responses in the appeals case.

There is also a response filed by the City. They can be found at the link below under #29 and #30.

Read the Filing


#41 - 07/30/2022
Anthem Withdrawal

Due to Anthem withdrawing from the MAPP, a new appeal schedule has been set. Yes, the City is continuing with the appeal as there is every intention to force this MAPP onto Medicare eligible retirees, regardless of who administers the plan.

Read the Filing


#40 - 07/15/2022
Visit Our New Media Page

Our new media page is where you can view our New Morale Building and Informative Videos, Download Flyers and Animated gifs that you can share with your friends who are both on and not on Facebook!

Visit Our Media Page

#39 - 06/24/2022
New Court Filing from our Attorneys


Our attorneys have just filed a request with the court regarding the City's behavior in the initial case arguments. It can be found at the below link #224-227.

This kind of work is why your Donations to the Legal Fund are SO IMPORTANT!


Read the Filing

#38 - 05/25/2022
Ads N Flyers N Videos - Oh My!


From our New Media page, you can now Download and Share any of our Ads, Flyers and Animated GIFs...You can even view some of our Morale Raising videos and share the link to that page with your friends who may not be on FB or Social Media.

If there is something on our Facebook page that you might like to be shareable or have any suggestions for that page, please drop us an email and we will try to include it on the page. ENJOY! 


Visit Page

#37 - 04/21/2022
The One-Stop for Union and Other Contacts!


All of the currently known Contact Information for Unions, City Council Members and Other Interested Parties will be posted here and updated as we get new information:

City Council Member List

UFT Officer Contact List

Union Head Contact List
(UFT, MLC, DC37)

DC 37 Locals Contact List

Other Union Contacts List


#36 - 04/18/2022
Homework Assignment!


Here is a letter for you to share with your Union or MEA and...

DC37   -  Mr. Henry Garrido 212-815-1511
UFT     -  Mr. Michael Mulgrew 212-777-7500
MLC    -  Harry Nespoli (at the Sanitation Union) 212-964-8900

Ask for their fax number/and email before you get into this, or they may not want to share.

Pick a few talking points. Tell them you want them to know you are aware there are MLC meetings next week and you want them to be educated as to why this plan is not for everyone and how it will affect you.

Tell them that negotiating away a retiree health benefit is their give back as well, and that this plan is NOT THE SAME AS SENIOR CARE! Even though the City keeps saying it is.

Urge them NOT to permit the City and the MLC to kill senior Care or retiree health plan choice.

Thank them for their time!

For more Talking Points and Flyers, check out "Recent Files".

Share This Letter

#35 - 04/15/2022
IRMAA, Everything You Need to Know!

Health Benefits at the Office of Labor Relations:  Questions and Answers about your IRMAA, or Medicare Part B Reimbursements. With a nifty little video too! 


#34 - 04/14/2022
Open Letter to the Mayor and City Council


You can now download the UPDATED Open letter to the Mayor and the Letter to City Council.

If you live in NYC, send it to your council person if they didn't sign and urge them to get the others to also.

If you live outside the City of NY, you can still send this to your former council person (or everyone) and of course the Committee Chair for Civil Service and Labor 

Or send it to all of them like we were doing with the email links to the City council on our website. (Be polite, and professional and let them know we need their support as the City is trying all sorts of ways to get around the Judge's decision.


Download the Open Letter

#33 - 04/12/2022
Acceptance of Appeal for September Session


The Appeals court has ruled on the acceptance of the appeal for the September session - the order can be found at the link below.

Read more

#32 - 04/01/2022
Amicus Brief Filed by the Alliance

The alliance has filed an Amicus brief for consideration by the Appellate Court

Read the Brief

#31 - **Updated** - 6/25/2022
Friday Night Video Update

Watch Friday night's (06/24/2022) video from the Board!

Please Donate to your Legal Fund!
Watch all of our Videos on YouTube!


Watch the Current Video

#30 - 03/22/2022
The City Has Filed their Appeal


The City has filed their Appeal documents with the Appellate Court and our Attorneys have filed our response.

You can find the filings by clicking the link button below. 

As always - Please refrain from discussions of the documents on our Facebook page.

Read the Appeal Documents on the Court Site

#29 - 03/18/2022
Union Rhetoric from a UFT/RTC


Here is the link to the newsletter they distributed.

At NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees we see it quite often, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) or a Retired Teacher Chapter (RTC) sends out a newsletter or makes a Facebook post that spreads misinformation in an attempt to convince you their actions were justified and "the opposition" (that's us by the way), are wrong. The newsletter even cites a release by the NYS Alliance for Retired Americans as supporting the Advantage plan. But, one look at their website, and you learn it is an extension of the AFT and UFT.

In the attached newsletter (Link Below), we will go through what was written, fact check it and cite it to support we are not distributing "social media noise" as described, but true facts. That is, if you still think the truth is important.

We have posted all the cited documents below for reference and we do not twist their meaning. You can see the plain language for yourself. 

Read the NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees Newsletter

Cited Documents:

1   UFT MOA - Contract-2014
2   City Well on Way to $3.4B Health Savings, Labor Commissioner Says 
3   Medicare Advantage Testimony October 2021
4   2018 MLC agreement
5   Unions Balk At Terms Of Health Fund's Use To Plug Budget Hole
6   City's Budget Reserves and How the Mayor Plans to Use Them
7   Steve Cohen Op Ed NY Daily News
8   Panel Upholds Giuliani Offer On Police Pay - The New York Times

Read Our Newsletter Here

#28 - 03/15/2022
Notice of Cross-Appeal


Our Attorneys have filed a Notice of Cross-Appeal with the Courts. Below are the Notices of Entry and Cross-Appeal. You can find the "Exhibits" on the Court Site.

Notice of Entry - Document 219
Notice of Cross Appeal - Document 221 

See Announcement # 17 below for other court documents.


Visit the Court Site

#27 - 03/14/2022
Sign the Petition to the Mayor


We are starting our campaign to the City, asking the Mayor NOT to pursue the appeal. Please sign and share our petition. DO NOT contribute/donate on the petition for advertising. Please share it in YOUR circle.

You must confirm your signature in the confirmation email that will be sent. Check your In Box or Spam folder for the message and acknowledge that you signed the petition.

Sign Here!

#26 – 03/04/22
The City Has Filed an Appeal


The City has filed an appeal and claims the MAPP will not go into effect 4/1/22.

We advise that if you have not opted out yet but plan to, disregard the City’s and union’s instructions that opting out is not needed. Please proceed with submitting your Opt-Out.



#25 - 03/03/22


Read the Court Documents here:
      (See additional Court Documents - # 17, Below)

#217 - 03/04/2022 - Notice of Appeal - Filed by OLR

#214 Decision & Order On Motion (Motion #001)

#215 Decision & Order On Motion (Motion #002)

#216 Decision & Order On Motion (Motion #003)


Visit Court Site

#24 - 02/22/2022

Your Participation is requested!

The City Council’s Committee on Civil Service and Labor has invited us to attend this Open Hearing about Strengthening Workers’ Rights. Let’s show up in large numbers and let them know why we oppose this Bait and Switch!

If you are planning on testifying live via video conferencing, please register at

Registration will be accepted through the end of the hearing. Each person who intends on testifying live should register separately.

For those who register, please note that you may not receive your Zoom link until the evening before the hearing. Written testimony may be submitted without registration by emailing it to or via our website at up to 72 hours after the close of the hearing.

If you are interested in viewing the hearing, but do not wish to testify live, the hearing can be viewed at

The Committee on Civil Service and Labor Updated info will be on the City Council hearing calendar:


#23 - 02/14/2022

We need feedback on your experience with the Alliance 833 Hotline. Please take the Survey!

Take the Survey

#22 - 02/12/2022
All of our Videos are on YouTube

Watch all of our videos, from Inspirational to Informational on our YouTube Channel

Video of 2/28/2022 Hearing Recap


Watch Videos

#21 - 02/09/2022
State of the State - Opting-Out Video


Good Morning All-

We know many of you have questions and comments about the board's recommendation that you begin the opt-out process (if that is your decision).

If you have questions on how to do that-please watch the video in announcements (or in featured if you are using a phone) and see if your answers are there. Many of you have valid questions but the Admins and moderators are nearing exhaustion repeatedly answering the same questions.

We are asking you to please check the video before you come on FB and ask a question that has been answered ad nauseum. In addition, although we appreciate your comments and informing us that your opt out was successful, by doing that you are tying up the page so your fellow members that have actual problems are being delayed in getting answers.

SO DON'T DO IT! Have some consideration for the members with actual problems. You can also view the video on you tube here-

The Admins, Moderators and your fellow warriors THANK YOU for your taking a second to think before hitting the enter key to post.


#20 - 02/06/2022
Mayor Adam's Statement on MAPP


Good Morning Retirees,

Much to our displeasure, Mayor Adams, without EVER speaking with us in his "research" made the following statement today.

Below, is our response. WE will chat with you after the hearing tomorrow, once we confer with our Legal Team.


OUR REPLY to the Mayor's Statement, below:

We are disappointed that Mayor Adams came out in support of the proposed Medicare Advantage plan -- without ever meeting with retirees or hearing about alternatives. We understand how tempting it must be to "find" $600 million in new revenues; but it shouldn't be on the backs of senior citizens and disabled first-responders. The City actually knows this is an inferior plan, which is why they are forcing retirees to pay thousands of dollars annually to opt-out and keep their current insurance. We are fully confident that the proposed plan is a violation of both law and past contracts, and we look forward to seeing the City in court.

Mayor Adams' Statement on City's Medicare Advantage Plan February 6, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams today issued the following statement on the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan: “City retirees have earned their benefits, and, as mayor, I’m committed to delivering for them. The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan unveiled last year — the product of many months of negotiations between the city and the Municipal Labor Committee, representing more than 100 unions — will continue to offer premium-free health coverage to retirees, along with new and enhanced benefits. That is why after a careful and thorough review by my administration, I am announcing my support for this plan. I believe the new program will be in the best interest of retirees and the city’s taxpayers, who stand to save $600 million annually. “As a blue-collar mayor and someone who himself will collect municipal retiree benefits, I am sympathetic to those who have voiced concerns about how this plan will affect their coverage. Our administration will continue to work to assuage these concerns before and after the plan is implemented. To all retirees: We assure you that the city has had, and will continue to have, your best interests at heart.”


#19 - 01/28/2022
'Wonder Woman' on the Radio - Today 10:00AM!!


Our very own Wonder Woman (Marianne) interviewed by Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner on WVOX Radio

Listen to the Broadcast

#18 - 01/27/2022
Send a Valentine or ANY Day Message to Mayor Adams!


1. Copy the following message:

Dear Mayor Adams,

Please Don't Break Our Hearts. Don't put Retirees into the MAPP.
Remember, YOU are a RETIREE Too!

2. Click the SEND link below. You will be directed to the CONTACT THE MAYOR Web page.

3. Paste the message (or enter your own) and if you would like, add your Union and or Agency.  




#17 - 01/18/2022
Letters To and From The Court!


As Letters are Sent To or Received From the Court by either our and/or opposing council we will post them here, in case some are unable to navigate the Court Web Site.

To view the associated Affidavits and Exhibits please visit the Court Website

** New **
03/04/2022 - 217 - Notice of Appeal - Filed by OLR

03/02/2022 - Letter 212 - from OLR to the Court
02/25/2022 - Letter 211 - from OLR to the Court
02/23/2022 - Document 208 - Memorandum of Law Filed by Steve Cohen
02/18/2022 - Letter 207 - from OLR to the Court
02/16/2022 - Document 206 - Memorandum of Law OLR to Court
02/15/2022 - Document 205 - Memorandum of Law OLR to Court
02/07/2022 - Letter 202 From Steve Cohen to the Court
02/04/2022 - Document 201 MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN REPLY OLR Filed
02/04/2022 - Letter 200 From OLR to the Court
02/01/2022 - Letter 199 From Steve Cohen to the Court
02/01/2022 - Letter 198 From OLR to the Court
01/30/2022 - Document 189 - MEMORANDUM OF LAW Filed with the Court
01/28/2022 - Letter 184 From Steve Cohen to the Court
01/28/2022 - Letter 183 From OLR to the Court
01/21/2022 - Letter 182 From OLR to the Court
01/21/2022 - Letter 180 From Steve Cohen to the Court
01/18/2022 - Letter From Steve Cohen to the Court

Click Here to Link to the Court Web Site

#16 - 01/11/2022
Today's Video & Homework Assignment!


Here is the link to the Alliance
Scroll down to the tiny print "FIND CARE" and search for your doctor there. 

Video refresher: How to Search for Your Provider.

THEN, call your doctor's office and speak with the billing people and ask:
1.  Are you accepting the New NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan?
2.  Has your office been contacted by the City or the Alliance regarding this plan?

If they are NOT taking it, and or HAVE NOT heard from the Alliance, please do a Notarized statement and send it to us at and if you live outside NYS we need a certificate of Conformity signed by the same notary. BOTH documents must be notarized.

Download the: Certificate of Conformity (January 2022)

ZOOM Meeting on You Tube 


Facebook Zoom Video

#15 - 01/07/2022
NYC's Outreach Attempt


The City has posted a new document. It is essentially a list of the outreach they have done since the last court date. When on the Court Site go to Page 3, Document 173.

Additional documents, if any, will be posted by the Admin team.


Read More

#14 - 01/04/2022


We have been asked to wait for the Judge's ruling to be able to make an informed decision. Each of us will do what we feel is best for our circumstances.

This is the link for the new online form to Opt Out 


Online Opt-Out Form

#13 - 12/22/2021
Call The Alliance for Updated Enrollment Guide


All members should call the Alliance (833-325-1190) and request that a printed, Updated Enrollment guide be mailed to you.

If they say its not ready, ask them put you on the list to receive the guide. If they say no, ask to speak to a manger. Also, don’t forget to get a reference number and the name of the person(s) you spoke with...This is very important!!

Don’t accept a digital link to the guide. Keep calling …. Get your information!!


#12 - 12/28/2021 *Updated*
Happy Holidays!


The TELETHON goes on each evening through December 31st. Check here for the Daily throw-back video designed to put you in a good, nostalgic mood...
and, please remember to DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!

Click on this tonight:

12/28   A Charlie Brown New Year!
12/27   A Bewitched Christmas
12/26   A Three Stooges Christmas
12/25   Do Not Open This One Until Christmas - SURPRISE!
12/24   TELETHON presentation:  A Honeymooner's Christmas

12/23  "NY in 3 States of Mind"
                Rhapsody in Blue
                Billy Joel’s – NY State of Mind
                Frank Sinatra – New York New York 
12/22   The Flintstones Greatest Moments 
12/21   Lucy & Ethel in the Chocolate Factory
12/20  Who's On First!
12/19  Jerry Lewis Band Leader

To each of you, no matter your path, the Admins and Moderators wish you the best!


#11 - 12/14/2021 *Update!

Click here for: Organization President's Latest Video Message
Click here for: Judge's Ruling (see Last Page)



#10 - 12/13/2021
Homework Assignment


Come join us on Dec. 21st and let Eric Adams know your New Year's wishes. Email your messages/ letters/ testimonies to: We will print them out and deliver them to Eric Adams. We hope to get MANY for his gift bag! See you next week! DEADLINE 12/17

#9 - 12/13/2021
Donor List


That time is approaching for the donor list on to be updated. A brief note about the process is warranted and we ask for your patience and understanding.

The list of donors is generated through a painstaking, time consuming manual process. As such, the list is updated on a monthly basis. The raw data is gathered from 3 different sources (PayPal, Zelle and Checks) and all are in different formats. The formats need to be converted, sorted and demarcated for multiple donors. As such, while the list will be posted with donations as of the 15th of each month, the final product will take a few days to generate and will be posted as soon after the 15th as possible.

Donors are listed by first initial and last name. For those with double first names, both initials will be used (for example, Mary Ann Jones should be listed as MA Jones). For those with double last names, both names will be listed (for example, Mary Jones Smith should be listed as M Jones Smith). Some names are entered into PayPal or Zelle backwards (last name, first name). All of these need to be manually converted and this takes time. In some cases, we're not sure which name should be first and which should be last!

Donations through PayPal are confirmed via an automatically generated email. Donations through Zelle will show in transactions in your Zelle records. These are your confirmation of your donation.

If you need additional confirmation that your donation was received, you may privately message Madeline Salerno (Carla Barbara) on Facebook or send an email to Please include the donor's name, method of donation and date in your request.

If you don't see your name on the donor list, please check the FAQ's for instructions how to quickly locate your name and other troubleshooting tips.

Again, we ask for your patience in this matter!
Thank you for your Donations!!


#8 - 12/8/2021
Email City Controller Scott Stringer


Ask him to Not Sign the Medicare Advantage Contract and leave it for Brad Lander (Comptroller Elect), consistent with Harry Nespoli's comments in the 2013 lawsuit against the City that the new administration can handle this for accountability.

In 2013 the MLC sued the City for unilaterally trying to make changes to healthcare. “The City's rush to release the RFP has been a deeply flawed process," said New York City Municipal Labor Committee Chair Harry Nespoli.

"First, the City's unilateral action, without including the views of the City workers who receive those services in the decision-making process, goes directly against previous agreements. Second, making a $7 billion spending decision for services beginning six months after the Mayor's last day in office prevents any accountability for this important decision.” Here is the article:  


We have not heard back from Mayor Elect Adams. We call on you to assist us by letting him know we need him to meet with us! And while you are at it, contact Brad Lander, Comptroller Elect. 

Let them BOTH know we need them to follow this past practice to permit them as incoming officials to be involved in this process for accountability.

They need to speak out NOW and not let DiBlasio and Stringer move ahead.

Eric Adams:   718-802-3906
Brad Lander: 718-499-1090 

Then call Scott Stringer and ask him to NOT sign the contract and permit Comptroller Elect Brad Lander deal with it.

Scott Stringer: 212-669-3916

Email Scott Stringer!

#7 - 11/30/2021


What an incredible response to the plea for funds last week.......We have met our current goal of $250,000.

Remember, the first goal of $50,000 was met and used quickly towards the retainer. We have invoices for November that will be coming in soon to be paid. 


What a formidable group of fighters we are! Together, we WILL get this done!



#6 - 11/29/2021

The Judge continued the stay.

The only people that need to do anything by the November 30 deadline, is anyone who wishes to go into another plan other than GHI Senior Care or MAPP. (i.e. Aetna, HIP Empire, etc.)

You should use the generic Opt Out Form in the Announcement below or OLR site
or call the 833 Hotline.

Make sure you document day, time, person's name and reference number when doing so.

Stay tuned. The attorneys may meet Friday and court resumes December 8th.


Read Judge Lyle's Email

#5 - 11/29/2021

This form 'was' ONLY for people who are switching plans into another plan with a deadline of 11/30/2021

Opt-Out Form

#4 - 11/24/2021

Our Attorney Steve Cohen responds to the City's response to Judge Frank's request.


Read Our Attorney Response

#3 - 11/24/2021

The City Responds to Judge's Request of 11/23

** Okay-so you take a couple of hours to get some shut-eye and the City tries to slip another one by- If you watched Lynda's video from last night, you know that they filed the 2 page response the Judge asked for. Simply put- they didn't answer the question he asked about why the plan needed to go into effect on Jan. 1st. If I didn't know better I would think they were taking their moves from " 10 ways to aggravate a Judge". Our Attorney will be filing our response today. So sit tight and relax- the judge will take a few days decide on the TRO. Don't let anxiety get in the way of your Thanksgiving celebration. because I can guarantee none of the City Lawyers or Union heads are going to. Have some faith in our Attorneys. Because it ain't hard to see who has the the superior legal eagles. And I will ask you all to try and keep the comments etc. today to a low simmer as I really need to get a lot of cooking done in between. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you great people in our Army of "Grey Foxes".


Read the Response 

#2 - 11/18/2021

The Attorney Conference has been scheduled for 11/23/2021 10:00 - 11:00 AM.
Stream Password: 3576


Link to Stream

#1 - 11/12/2021

The City filed their documents with the Court. Our Attorney filed our response.
To read the filing click the button below, go to Page 2, scroll to the bottom for the filings.


Download the documents:

Letter to the Judge
Objection to the Revised Plan
Attorney Affirmation


Read the Filing

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